Roosje de Vries: ‘I facilitate change – a change wherein people (re)discover their authenticity which they can then use in all aspects of their lives. In this way, they are of added value to themselves and are able to meaningfully contribute to others.’


Changes in the market and in society pose challenges: As an organization, can you
adapt to these ever-changing circumstances?

If executives find that they are not able to effectively implement necessary changes or if teams suffer from poor collaboration, it is critical that the core challenges are identified, main issues are separated from minor ones, and cause & effect are made transparent.

The result of this in-depth and thorough assessment is a customized roadmap wherein a
keen awareness is created and a solid direction is established.

Facilitate in change

RDV facilitates and guides the process of adaptive change. Adaptive change challenges our beliefs and ways of thinking and requires that we do things differently than in the past.

From this new foundation, each individual’s unique role and contribution is (re)discovered; efficiency, creativity, performance and productivity are optimized; and, as a whole, the organization thrives.

With the aid of proven methodologies, the individual is made the owner of the process and thus also the master of his own success.


The process is characterized by a steady progression of results. The pace is dynamic while keeping an eye for detail.

A clear direction has been chosen.
An environment has been created in which everyone comes into his own.
Clear expectations have been created.
Challenges are entered into proactively.
What works is retained and what no longer serves is released.

  • Robert Hawker-CodeGuild
    “Working with Roosje has been and still is an absolute pleasure. I had never before met someone that so (seemingly) effortlessly gives tangible insights, direction and helps set goals. Both personal and in business. Roosje has helped me, my business and our employees know and develop themselves better. And after that almost my entire network of business owner friends. I can wholeheartedly recommend Roosje as a trusted advisor to any entrepreneur or business owner interested in lasting personal and business growth.”
    Robert Hawker
    Co-founder CodeGuild
  • Melissa Mizer-More Seekers
    “Being an entrepreneur I’ve learned surrounding myself with the right people is one of THE most important things I can do for my success. Roosje is one of those people. Working with Roosje has enabled me to show up more consistently as my most authentic and vulnerable self. If you’re ready to go deep, get real, and make a massive shift in your business or your life, Roosje is hands down who I would choose time and time again.”
    Melissa Mizer
    Owner at More Seekers
  • Leslie Swaan - Meijers Assurantiën
    “Mijn ervaring is dat Roosje de Vries een team naar een ander niveau kan tillen. Door haar onorthodoxe, authentieke aanpak bereikt ze zelfs mensen die eerder ongevoelig bleven voor coachingstrajecten. Ze opent een deur, waardoor nieuwe dingen ontstaan. Bij Meijers leidde dit tot het gewenste evenwicht. Wij hebben altijd het gevoel gehad dat ze er was als we haar nodig hadden. Iemand die ‘tijd maakt’.”
    Leslie de Swaan-Meijers
    Marketing & Communicatie Adviseur bij Meijers Assurantiën
  • Joyce Urbanus - Nicemakers
    “There simply doesn't exist a comparison that will help you understand the difference in working with RDV. There is no program, no training, no process and definitely no person like Roosje de Vries. Everything she does is tailor made to fit the job, the person, the question or the needs of that specific moment. She unites talent and knowledge with tremendous commitment and dedication. RDV has been with us from the start of Nicemakers, which I founded together with my partner in life and business. She has played an unprecedented role in the growth of our company and the synergy that we live in. Her thorough way of working has created change and awareness, which led us to where we are now in life.”
    Joyce Urbanus
    Owner of Nicemakers - interior design