Meet RDV

RDV bureau for adaptive change was founded by Roosje de Vries. An entrepreneur’s daughter, Roosje began working in her father’s business, an asset management and intermediary office for companies with a restructuring request, while she was a law student. During this 22-year collaboration, she mastered the ins and outs of providing counsel on corporate restructuring and asset management.

Now she uses this comprehensive program to guide entrepreneurs and organizations in change. By means of customization she works in a systematic way and uses her experience, knowledge, versatile skills and insights to get the maximum out of employees, the team and the organization.

Over Roosje de Vries

As a person, Roosje is committed and results-oriented. With her no-nonsense attitude, astute observations, and healthy dose of humor, she tackles issues head on and has the ability to bring to the surface even the most elusive or deeply-rooted issues. Roosje’s direct approach is balanced by her delicate handling of the complexity that the process of change entails.

Roosje has a passion for working with people and is an expert in the field of change. This winning combination serves to bring out the best in her clients. Because, according to Roosje, Change is the invitation to get the best out of yourself.