The dynamics in this world require companies to adapt quickly. This requires more than sharpening existing processes and skills. Old views that no longer serve the organization can lead to stress, lack of direction, low morale and poor communication and productivity.

RDV uses an inside-out approach. As a result, the qualities of each team member is mapped out and optimally utilized. Each team member also shares responsibility for the final result.

RDV facilitates this change by using different methodologies that can be used individually:
– Training
– Coaching & Consulting
– Assessments

  • Change your mind,
    create new results

    This proprietary training program was developed by Neuro Change Solutions based on the work of researcher and neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza, using models for the neuroscience of change.



    Teamtalk is a science-based training program that was developed to enable organizational teams to excel at collaboration, communication and achieving goals through self-reflection and self-management.

One on one

Do you feel the need for advice, overview or insight on your own position within the current situation?

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